I don’t have a bachelor's degree, can I still work at ILA?

One of our job requirements is that all our teachers have completed a Bachelor’s degree. This is also a legal requirement to gain a work permit in Vietnam.

Do you offer short term contracts?

All of our contracts are a year in length. At times we will consider part time contracts of a minimum of 6 months for in-country hires. During the summer period, we may offer shorter term contracts

Does ILA support teachers with work visas and a work permit?

Yes, ILA offers full support for teachers to get a work visa and work permit to work legally in Vietnam.

When do you hire?

ILA has rolling starts with new positions starting every month.

What TEFL certificates does ILA consider?

One of our hiring criteria is that all teachers must have completed a certification in English Language Teaching. We consider all applications from candidates that have an English language teaching certification (Level 5 courses, such as ILA’s full-time four week Ofqual Level 5 TEFL, the CELTA or the Trinity TESOL are much preferred). Your course must be at least 120 hours in-class with 4 hours of observed teaching practice with real students.

When are the peak times of year?

We hire all year round, but our busiest period is over summer (Jun-Jul) and the start of the new school year (Sept). May through to October is the peak hiring season for ILA.
If you are unsuccessful in an initial application you are welcome to reapply at these times.
Around Tet (the Vietnamese lunar New Year - Jan-Feb) is the slowest time of year for recruitment.

Does ILA hire non native speakers?

We use the following to define a native speaker:
A native speaker is someone who has spoken English from early childhood. It’s the language they used at school and with their family. Many people grow up speaking 2 languages and are bilingual, which would also qualify as a native speaker. All teachers must have native speaker mastery of English in all skills [including pronunciation].
We welcome all qualified, native level English teachers who pass our interviewing and screening processes.


When overseas teachers first arrive we will pick you up at the airport and put you up in a hotel for 10 nights. After that, housing in Vietnam is cheap, diverse, flexible and easy to find.

Whether you are looking to save money and live modestly or want to enjoy the high life in luxury serviced apartments, you are sure to find something suitable in a short space of time.

For short-term accommodation there are various available options you can find, ranging from low priced guest houses, to mid-range hotels, to top end resorts all around the country.

For long-term accommodation you may want to opt for a shared apartment or house or alternatively you can find individual serviced apartments. When looking for long-term accommodation we generally suggest consulting one of the reliable housing agents around town.

Once you have found a place that suits you it is time to sign the contract and pay the deposit. Contracts are usually one year long and include a detailed inventory and the terms of payment. The deposit is usually two or three months rent which is returned at the end of the lease. The process of finding a place to live is comparable to most western systems except that you can expect the process to be much faster and a great deal less expensive.

For candidates joining ILA’s Level 5 TEFL course and opting for the accommodation package, we will arrange for 29 nights of stay in a comfortable, convenient guesthouse close to the training centre.

Pay scales

ILA offers competitive rates for teachers. The pay varies according to qualifications and experience.


ILA does not offer any flight reimbursement. We do however offer teachers a re-signing bonus for every year you continue to stay on at ILA.
As well as many other packaged incentives such as supplements on base pay for teaching certain classes etc.

Many teachers prefer this is as it rewards our current staff who want to stay at ILA rather than only new staff.


ILA offers health insurance for all full time teachers.