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The ILA Community Network

1. Mission

The ILA Community Network (ILACN) makes a real difference to the lives of disadvantaged children in the communities in which ILA operates with Ho Chi Minh City as our home base.

2. What we do?

We direct our efforts towards projects that help the children at these organisations in an immediate and on-going way. Teachers, staff, students, and their families donate their time and money to a broad range of on-going projects.

All operating costs of the ILACN are covered by ILA Vietnam so that 100% of every contribution received goes directly to the intended recipient.

We work closely with each organisation to find out what is needed most and then deliver the product or service to the organisations we support.

From October 2012 –September 2013 the ILACN raised a total of 852,974,000.00 VND. The money was donated to the organisations we support to pay for the following:

  • To Go Vap Orphanage for supplies and surgeries for sick children
  • To Ung Buou Cancer Hospital (the Children's Ward) for play dates with the children
  • To the Bung Sang Blind Shelter for renovations of the shelter, the music club and food
  • To the Green Bamboo Boys Shelter for the daily living costs of the boys
  • To the Little Rose Warm Shelter for the daily living costs of the girls
  • To the Blue Dragon Shelter (Hanoi) for education and vocational training programme
  • The ILACN also donated to the Hoi An Children's home and the Long Hai Orphanage in Vung Tau
  • The ILACN supports 48 students from elementary school through to university with the School Sponsorship
  • Programme – We pay for their school fees which is valued at 206,400,000.00 VND
  • ILA also donated 20 full scholarships to staff and students at the Ho Chi Minh Child Welfare Association and the Blue Dragon Shelter in Hanoi valued at 194 ,000,000.00 VND

3. How to become a volunteer?

We host a variety of activities at each of the shelters, so donate your time and give back to the community in a unique and meaningful way.

We have English classes, music classes, guitar lessons, football, swimming, play dates, movie nights and craft nights currently running at our shelters

If you have any special talents that you want to share let us know!


4. How to help donate?

We organize a variety of events throughout the year for teachers, staff, students and families to enjoy and 100% of all the money raised supports a broad range of on-going projects at each of our organisations.

Some of our past fundraising events have included: football tournaments, art exhibits, bring and buy sales, lucky draws, pub quizzes, concerts and other themed parties

With the funds we have provided education and health care support, we have repaired and improved the buildings, we paid for transport costs during Tet and we have bought equipment and other supplies.

You volunteer to help us with our events, support them through attendance or let us know if you have a new and exciting idea