About Bien Hoa

Although it is located 50km away from Ho Chi MInh City, life in Bien Hoa is bustling and the town and surrounding area is constantly expanding. The Saigon River is the heart of the city with restaurants, clubs and bars along the shoreline. Sitting by the river with a coffee or a beer and watching the world float by while chatting with friends is a popular pastime.

About Bien Hoa Classes

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About Bien Hoa ILA centre

When you start to miss the big city, Ho Chi Minh City is just a 40 minute train or road ride away. Or go in the other direction and end up in the beautiful beach towns of Mui Ne or Nha Trang

ILA Bien Hoa is one of our newer centers. It is located in a state-of-the-art apartment complex along with a swimming pool, shops, restaurants and a movie theatre.

Come here if:
You want to experience real, authentic Vietnam
You like a more relaxed lifestyle, calmer streets and cleaner air
You would still like easy access to HCMC when you want a change of pace