About Da Nang

Da Nang is a coastal destination with a number of resorts populating its white sandy beaches. Da Nang is well known for its laid back vibe and is a nice balance between a friendly small town and large well-connected city.

About Da Nang Classes

Our centers in Da Nang are well established, and ever growing. We have most recently added a second centre to meet the increasing needs from students. As per all our other centres across the country there are plenty of resources to help teachers deliver to the 21st century learning standards we set for our students.

Currently there are over over 1000 students and 30 teachers across the 2 centres that we have in operation in sunny Da Nang.

About Da Nang ILA centre

ILA Da Nang is centrally located, close to the town centre and the beach, and provides teachers with a friendly, fun and professional work environment. A short distance from Da Nang are Hoi An, a UNESCO world heritage sight and a living museum of traditional Vietnamese architecture; and Hue, home to the French colonial capital and the tombs of the Nguyen Emperors.

Because of it’s low turnover ILA Da Nang only takes internal transfers or part time local candidates.