About Hai Phong

Close to the natural beauty of Ha Long Bay in northern Vietnam, Hai Phong is one of the country’s fastest growing cities. With a much smaller expat population than Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong offers an immersive experience of Vietnam. Hai Phong is a great place to live for teachers who are looking to develop their Vietnamese language skills, experience northern cuisine, and live close to the coast.

About Hai Phong Classes

Our small community of teachers is dedicated and conscientious to ensuring the needs of the students. As with other ILA learning centres across the country there are a range of ILA levels and programs ranging from 3 year olds in our Jumpstart classes through to our Global English Adult programs. Most students are highly motivated and are still excited about having a teacher who has travelled halfway around the world to teach them

About Hai Phong ILA centre

Come here if:
You want to live near some of the most famous areas of natural beauty in Asia
You want to have an immersive experience of Vietnam
You want to make Vietnamese friends