About Ha Noi

Vietnam's unique and charming capital city is an evocative and at times chaotic mix of stunning French colonial buildings, ancient temple complexes, leafy tree lined streets and lakes and modern and colourful shops and houses. Each quarter has its own distinctive flair, from the bustling old quarter with merchants peddling their goods in its narrow lanes, to the diplomatic quarter with embassies and ministry buildings along tree lined boulevards. The city is known for its cuisine, and locals delight in explaining how vastly superior their food is to that of the rest of Vietnam.

About Ha Noi Classes

Our centers in Hanoi have plenty of resources to deliver to the 21st century learning standards we set for our students. Classes in ILA feature collaborative projects that allow students to develop skills that are critical to higher education

About Ha Noi ILA centre

In Hanoi, ILA has been expanding rapidly, and is now our second largest location. As in all ILA centres,  teachers can expect continued professional development opportunities, a social working environment, as well as great resources and support from the academic management.

Come here if:
Traditional buildings and  historical temples parks are your thing
You want to experience Hanoi’s street food
You like a seasonal climate