About Vung Tau

The beautiful beach town of Vung Tau is famous for its laid back lifestyle, friendly locals and miles of sandy beaches.

You can watch the sun rise and set with awesome sea views, the air is clean and the traffic is light. Life in Vung Tau is easy-going and laid-back. It offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including cycling, swimming, relaxing on the beach and exploring the beautiful and at times untouched local countryside.

About Vung Tau Classes

Our center in Vung Tau follows our city counterparts in delivering the 21st century learning standards we set for our students. Our students also range from the very young learners of 3 and range up to the Global English adult professionals. With close to 1200 students we have a team of 30 teaching professionals who take pride in their delivery of learning outcomes.

About Vung Tau ILA centre

The ILA centre of Vung Tau is well known in the community and is bright, spacious and has a great working atmosphere. Enjoy a relaxed beach lifestyle whilst working at one of the premier language centres in Vietnam.

Come here if:
You want to live by the beach
You love eating fresh seafood