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Number recruitment Start date  
Bien Hoa Teacher 2 11/06/2018 Apply now
Binh Duong Teacher 2 11/06/2018 Apply now
Teacher 3 27/11/2017 Apply now
Can Tho Teacher 2 09/07/2018 Apply now
Ha Noi Teacher 10 01/07/2018 Apply now
Teacher 10 11/06/2018 Apply now
Ho Chi Minh Public Schools 20 01/09/2018 Apply now
Teacher 5 01/07/2018 Apply now
Teacher 15 30/06/2018 Apply now
Teacher 5 20/06/2018 Apply now

At ILA we have a variety of positions available for teachers and managers. All of our positions are for contracts that are 12 months in duration. ILA is a private language school and there are no school semesters. We have rolling recruitment throughout the year.

The large majority of classes at ILA are for young learners. Teachers will have the opportunity to teach a full range of ages and levels. The different programmes offered at ILA for young learners include ILA Jumpstart (2.5 – 6 years old), ILA Super Juniors (6.5-11 years old) and ILA Smart Teens (12-16 years old).

ILA also offers English language teaching opportunities in government schools. These classes are diverse and vary in size, age and level, offering a unique experience for the teachers involved.

At ILA we have a variety of positions available for adult teachers. The adult programmes include Global English, Academic English, Business English and Exam Preparation as well as TestExpert. The large majority of adult classes at ILA consist of young adults preparing for overseas studies or their future careers.

To learn more about the programmes offered to students at ILA please visit the main ILA website

In addition to the time spent in the classroom, ILA organizes an exciting enrichment programme which includes a wide range of cultural activities, day trips and competitions. The ILA Enrichment Programme is a chance for teachers to spend time with their students outside of the classroom on a more social level.