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Getting Dressed in Vietnam

Clothes and fashion are a passion that many Westerners and Vietnamese share. Fortunately in Vietnam, it is easy to look your best due to the abundance of tailors and fabrics at very reasonable prices.

Many Westerners have a hard time finding clothes that fit properly and having them tailored is the perfect solution to this problem. Other teachers can often recommend the best tailors in the city.

When you work as a teacher in Vietnam, your appearance is very important. Teachers are viewed with the utmost respect and esteem by both Vietnamese students and parents. Therefore teachers must look the part when they are teaching, planning or on the school grounds. Men are expected to wear trousers, a collared shirt and tie, and closed-toed leather shoes to work. Women are expected to wear skirts or dresses below the knees and blouses that cover their shoulders and do not expose the midriff. Tattoos have a bad connotation in Vietnam and therefore must be covered during working in hours. Earrings should be tactful and other body piercings must be removed when working. It is important to remember that Vietnam is much more conservative than many countries in the West. While living here you need to be respectful towards the Vietnamese people and their culture. After all, it is your adopted home and you'll get a lot more respect from the locals by following their cultural norms.