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Housing and Accommodation in Vietnam

There is a wide range of accommodation for all types of budget. Options range from shared living with other locals and expats, to living in a modern apartment complex complete with a swimming pool and gym.

Things to know:

Accommodation Costs: (this is a general guide and is dependent on the area and type of home you choose)

200 -300 USD – private room in a shared house

250 -300USD – monthly stay in a guest house.

300 -500USD - studio apartment

500 – 1,000USD - 3 or 4 bedroom Vietnamese house

400USD – 1,000USD - 2 bedroom apartment

Homes are normally furnished and have cable TV connected

Monthly maintenance fees can be quite high in newer apartment buildings (around 40USD) so be sure to ask about them when negotiating the rent and the contract.

Monthly bills (electricity, water, cable, phone, internet) obviously depend on usage, but average about 50USD for a 2 bedroom apartment.

You do not have to pay any money to an agent – they settle their fee with the landlord

Contracts are negotiable – feel free to negotiate a lower rent or get some bills included before signing. Talk to other teachers and find out what they pay

Most landlords require a 2 month deposit and your first month’s rent upfront

Keep a record of addresses as you look – many agents have the same properties listed so check the address before you go to save time

Places to find accommodation

Facebook –

There are lots of Facebook groups with all types of housing listed. Browse a few to see what’s available or make your own thread. Groups to join include:

Interesting places to live Ho Chi Minh City

Expats in Ho Chi Minh City

Expats – Saigon

… and many more!


Craigslist is a good resource to find apartments for rent, but is also good for finding roommates, buying motorbikes, along with everything else you’d expect on Craigslist. The apartment shares are usually a good value, but the private apartments for rent can be a little overpriced.

The noticeboard in the TSC – can be a good source of info on what’s available

Word of Mouth – ask around the TSC! There’s usually somebody who knows somebody who is looking for somebody…