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Living Costs in Vietnam

Whether you are considering the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City or the laid back atmosphere of the beach, the lifestyle in Vietnam is beyond comparison. The options of what to do are unlimited and even if you always dine out, go shopping regularly, and treat yourself to the spa once a week, saving money is easy to do. Bargaining is a part of daily life in Vietnam, meaning that any price listed is an estimate and you may need to haggle a little to get what you feel is a fair price. Prices also vary widely depending on how you choose to live, but the potential for saving is very high while living in Vietnam. In fact, many recent University graduates are able to pay off their student loans while working in Vietnam. However if you want to splurge on some luxury, you won't have to look far either with 5 star hotels, buffets, spas, and beauty treatment centres located in all major cities. Overall the living costs in Vietnam are low. Many of our teachers can easily save half their pay check