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Setting up in Vietnam

Getting set up is necessary and takes some time in most new countries, but soon you will be calling Vietnam home.

The Vietnamese people are friendly and approachable and love to practice their English with foreigners. They tend to be quite animated in their speech, so you might think they are arguing but it's not really the case at all. Their love of loud music and karaoke often fills the streets, especially in the evenings.

Foreigners will be bombarded with an assortment of questions related to age, family, salary and other personal aspects of their lives. This is necessary for the Vietnamese to know how to address you and how you fit into your family structure which is an integral part of their culture.

There are a number of websites that offer advice about moving to Vietnam and setting yourself up here. They are run by other expatriates and offer advice on everything from housing, to transportation, to where to eat, to where to buy shoes. Below are some of the best guides: